These Edmonds and Renton shoe stores could change your life

Published on Sep 22, 2022

At Wide Shoes Only you’ll find a huge selection of shoes, expert fitting and superior customer service, all aimed at making movement more comfortable


If you’ve got wide, wide feet, we’ve got the eeeexact solution to help fortify your sole.

Wide Shoes Only – with locations in Edmonds and Renton – specializes in outfitting people with wider feet, by not only offering more than 600 models of wide-soled shoes, but by also providing precision fitting by highly trained, expert staff.

And for many customers, it’s a transforming experience.

“This man changed my life,” said one reviewer, referring to store-owner Dominic Ahn.

“I’ve hated sports and exercise of all kinds since I was a kid, and even standing or walking has been difficult for years. … From the moment I stood up in my new shoes, the ache from walking disappeared like magic.”

Ahn has had a lifetime of experience with Wide Shoes Only, established by his parents more than 40 years ago.

“It's all about solving problems and liberating people by getting them shoes that fit properly,” Ahn says. “Whether it's because they’re naturally larger or they've developed a medical condition, we’re here to help.”

Wide Shoes Only offers a mix of casual, dress, fashion and work shoes with an unparalleled selection.

Customers from as far away as Alaska come back again and again, traveling hundreds of miles to shop at the store.

The reason? Expert fitting, superb customer service and a massive selection.

“You can't buy these kinds of shoes anywhere,” Ahn says.

“You could be in the middle of New York City, or even the whole state of New York – Chicago, San Francisco, State of Texas – and they don't have wide shoe stores. That's how rare we are.”

Unlike the impersonal nature of online shopping, Ahn and his staff will assess your feet to the millimeter, accounting for not just length and width, but volume, too.

“A lot of women with wider feet have just been wearing men’s shoes for years, and they’re way bigger than they should be,” Ahn says. “Or they can’t find proper-fitting athletic shoes, so they aren’t very mobile.

“A lot of people don't know what size they are or what they’re supposed to wear, and they don't even know these wide shoes even exist. We can have you walking as comfortably as possible if you come in and get your foot measured and sized up properly.”

At Wide Shoes Only, footwear is not just wide, it’s extra wide – as in extra, extra, extra, extra, extra, extra wide – going as wide as 6E or more.

You don’t have to travel the wide, wide world to find Wide Shoes Only. There are two locations, 203 Airport Way, Renton (Tel: 425-572-5613), and 7621 Lake Ballinger Way, Edmonds (Tel: 425-673-9424).

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- Paul Bucci