3 Reasons to Why Wide Shoes Only Is Your Top Choice for Wide Shoes Store in the Seattle Area

Published on Jan 31, 2023

 Wide Shoes Only has been the top choice for purchasing wide shoes in the Seattle area for many years. This is no surprise considering their commitment to providing customers with both quality products and fantastic customer service. Here are three reasons why Wide Shoes Only is your top choice when it comes to buying wide shoes in Seattle:

1. Quality Design 

Wide Shoes Only offers a wide selection of quality-made shoes that are designed specifically with wider feet in mind. Unlike many other shoe stores, the designs provide ample space around the toe box and heel to ensure proper foot alignment and comfortability. Plus, all of their products are made with high-quality materials so they’re guaranteed to last through multiple wears and tear. 

Quality is key when looking for a great pair of comfortable shoes that last long. At Wide Shoes Only, they only carry well-made and high quality shoes that won’t break the bank either! Every type of shoe they carry has gone through rigorous quality testing so you can trust that whatever type of shoe you decide to buy from them will last long and will provide much needed comfort throughout the day. From functional slip-ons to classic brogues, you’ll find something for any occasion at their store. 

2. Customization Options 

In addition to offering a large selection of already-made options, Wide Shoes also provides customers with more personalized solutions if off-the-shelf solutions don’t fit your needs or style perfectly enough. For example, you can customize materials, colors and widths for a truly one-of-a-kind pair of shoes that look great and feel even better on your feet! 

Whatever type or style of shoe your heart desires, chances are that you will find something perfect for your tastes at Wide Shoes Only. Their inventory constantly grows to include new styles and designs so you never run out of options when searching for the perfect wide fitting shoe in Seattle! They also cater to all genders with just as many options available in both men's and women's sizes so everyone can benefit from this amazing store! 

3. Unbeatable Customer Service 

Finally, Wide Shoes Only takes customer satisfaction seriously by providing expert advice from knowledgeable sales staff. Additionally, returns or exchanges are always accepted within days so you never have to worry about being stuck with something that doesn’t quite meet your needs or expectations—making it easy to shop confidently each time you come! 

If there is one thing easily noticeable while shopping with Wide Shoes Only it's their excellent customer service team who help make every shopping experience enjoyable and comforting throughout the entire process. No matter what questions or concerns arise during your time there, their helpful staff know exactly how to address them and will make sure each one is answered quickly as possible allowing customers worry less about making sure everything goes perfectly - leaving more time to concentrate on stylishly finding any shoe style imaginable! 

No matter what kind of looks you’re trying to go for (including casual options all the way up to formalwear), finding a reliable source for quality wide shoes can be difficult—unless you visit Wide Shoes Only! With almost thirty years in business they have become trusted go-to source when it comes time purchase either pre-made or custom tailored footwear that fits wider sizes perfectly while keeping comfort levels at maximum heights throughout wearing them! Whether fixing up an old favorite pair or trying out something new altogether; make sure Wide Shoes only is your first stop when shopping around Seattle for quality footwear designed specifically for those with wider feet!